our story


Airco Brands is a 100% Australian owned company with a proud legacy of three generations leading and managing the business. Airco Brands has provided quality tools and fasteners to the construction, manufacturing, retail and rural markets for over 60 years and is one of the largest diversified fastener companies in Australia and New Zealand, boasting six distribution centres nationally.

Airco Brands establishes itself as the go-to supplier in the market by pioneering industry leading quality control and designing products in Australia to ensure the products will always meet customer’s demands

The Airco Brands portfolio includes Airco, SENCO, Otter, COLT, Titan, National and Cobra all of which are synonymous with quality, reliability and service. Airco Brands is ISO accredited, and employs first class systems and processes in relation to QC management, ensuring that products are quality assured.

With sites Australian wide, Airco Brands is here to support and service you, wherever you are!