SENCO N Series Staples

Galvanised Wire

SENCO N Series Staples

N Series staples are classed as heavy staples with a 16 gauge thickness. They feature a narrow crown are typically used in the manufacture of crates, pallets, joists, bed frames and much more. They feature a chisel point for reduced timber splitting. Our staples are manufactured with stringent quality control processes to ensure high-quality standards are always met.



Manufactured housing, joists and flooring, decking, furniture frames, batons for plaster base, window and door frames, fascia boards, cupboards, industrial furniture frames, fencing, box and crate manufacture, pallet manufacture and repair.


Features & Specifications:

  • Crown Width: 11.1mm
  • Wire Diameter: 16 Gauge / 1.60mm
  • Wire Length: 16-50mm
  • Wire: Galvanized
  • Chisel point
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