SENCO Collated Flooring Screws


SENCO Collated Flooring Screws

SENCO Collated Screws are a time-saving and efficient type of fastener commonly used in plasterboard, decking, sub-floors, cladding and general construction. SENCO collated screws come in top collation allowing for rapid installation by the user. The quantity of screws per strip allows for less downtime.

SENCO Collated Screws are manufactured with stringent quality control processes to ensure high quality standards are always met.


Drywall, sheathing, comment board, underlayment, and subflooring.


Features & Specifications:

  • Diameter: 10 Gauge / 3.2mm
  • Angle: 0°
  • Length: 41 - 50mm
  • Square drive head designed to reduce cam-out underload providing a positive connection for higher torque applications
  • Countersunk head designed to sit level or just below the surface for a minimal visual impact
  • Needle point or winged tip available
  • Can pierce up to 0.6mm of steel
  • Top collation suitable for the majority of plaster screw guns within the market
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