Otter Nuts, Zinc Clear, Blister

Otter Nuts, Zinc Clear, Blister

Hex Nuts

For use with similarly gauged and finished bolts e.g. M6 galvanised nut for M6 galvanised bolt of any length. Note that metric nuts do not fit imperial sized bolts and vice versa. Galvanised nuts should not be used with zinc plated bolts and vice-versa. Nuts should spin freely onto bolt allowing it to be tightened against material being fixed/connected. Cold forged from property class 5 steel and hot dipped galvanised to prevent corrosion in moderate environments.


For use with like-sized bolts. Second nut can be used as a “lock” nut to prevent it working loose.


Hot dipped galvanised for use in moderate external environments. Hot dipped galvanising is a sacrificial coating that helps to prevent corrosion. Electroplated zinc for aesthetics and use in internal dry conditions. Provides only low level of corrosion protection.

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