Otter Decking Hardwood, Stainless Steel 302, Box

Otter Decking Hardwood, Stainless Steel 302, Box

Hardwood Decking Screws Type 17 Square Drive

Self drilling type 17 point. Has countersunk ribbed head that self embeds and can be driven flush with timber surface or countersunk below the surface. Coarse thread runs 2/3 of the shank length. Neat trim head for minimum visual impact in decking boards. For best results, pre-drill and countersink timber.


For fixing decking, flooring, slatting and general timber to timber external applications.

End User:

Builders, Carpenters, Landscapers and DIYers.


Cold forged and roll formed, countersunk heads with nibs, coarse thread 2/3 of shank length, type 17 point made from stainless steel.

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