Otter Coach Screws, Hot Dip Galvanised, Box

Otter Coach Screws, Hot Dip Galvanised, Box

Coach Screws

Designed for use in fixing metal plates, brackets and hinges to timber. Can also be used for fixing timber to timber in outdoor situations. The hex head provides a broad, flat surface for maximum holding power and allows use of a socket spanner or wrench to tighten screw. Requires predrilled hole. Coach screws have a coarse thread which is designed to tap its own path. Great for use in situations where a nut and bolt cannot be used due to limited access on the back of the fixing face. Cold forged from property class 4.6 steel and hot dipped galvanised to prevent corrosion in moderate environments.


For use in building pergolas, verandas, decking structures, gates, post supports.

End User:

Builders, Tradesmen, DIYers, Handymen.


Hot dipped galvanised for use in moderate external environments. Hot dipped galvanising is a sacrificial coating that helps to prevent corrosion.

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