Otter Bugle Batten, Class 3, Tub

Otter Bugle Batten, Class 3, Tub

Bugle Batten Screws Type 17Point

  • Self Embedding Head In-Hex Drive Self drilling type 17 point can pierce light gauge steel up to 0.6mm.
  • Ribbed bugle heads self embed and can be driven flush or countersunk below the timber surface and are used where finish is a primary concern.

Application: For structural framing, roofing battens, furniture, gates, fences, work benches, pergolas, carports, decking planks, landscaping

End User: Builders, Framers, Carpenters, Furniture Makers, Landscapers and DIYers

Features: Cold forged and roll formed, bugle head with nibs, coarse thread with type 17 point

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