Otter Bugle Batten, Class 3, Box

Otter Bugle Batten, Class 3, Box

Bugle Batten Screws Type 17 Point Self Embedding Head

In-Hex Drive Self drilling type 17 point can pierce light gauge steel up to 0.6mm. Ribbed bugle heads self embed and can be driven flush or countersunk below the timber surface and are used where finish is a primary concern.


For structural framing, roofing battens, furniture, gates, fences, work benches, pergolas, carports, decking planks, landscaping.

End User:

Builders, Framers, Carpenters, Furniture Makers, Landscapers and DIYers.


Cold forged and roll formed, bugle head with nibs, coarse thread with type 17 point.

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