Otter 15° Plastic Collated Coils, Stainless 316, Box

Otter 15° Plastic Collated Coils, Stainless 316, Box

Collated Nails - Plastic Strip Coil Decking Nails

Easy to use, application only requires a nail gun. Has a small rounded dome head that is able to be driven flush with timber surface or countersunk below the surface. Generally used where the finish/appearance is a primary concern for timber decking. Glue coated for up to 50% greater holding power, easier penetration into material. 316 marine grade stainless steel coating provides maximum resistance to corrosion and is ideal for coastal areas. Helical shank provides additional holding power in softwoods to prevent nail from working loose as timber flexes under traffic.


Suitable for decking, outdoor structures and softwood framing in extreme environment situations

End User:

Builders, Carpenters and DIYers


Plastic strip collated, cold forged, peak head countersunk helical shank with a diamond point made from hardened nail wire and a glue coated 316 marine grade stainless steel finish.

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