Cobra Toggles, Zinc, Handy Pack

Cobra Toggles, Zinc, Handy Pack


The WallDriller™ is designed to offer the maximum holding power in drywall material: A fine centred point that helps guide the anchor into the wall with flawless precision. A sharp cutting edge that reduces the force required to cut the material, making it a self-drilling anchor without pre-drilling. Also, a sharp profile thread that cuts deeply into the hole without damaging the drywall to ensure maximum holding power and stability.


The WallDriller Anchor™ is quick and easy to install. Being a self-drilling anchor, no pre-drilling is required. The WallDriller Anchor™ is perfect for clocks, electrical and electronic control devices, fire alarms, garage organisers, picture frames, verticals, wall decorations for use in plasterboard, plywood, pegboard.

End User:

Home Decorators, Diyers, Handymen, Tradesmen Load Limit: Up to 23kg (10mm plasterboard) and 28kg (13mm plasterboard).

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