Cobra Grippers, Polyethylene, Blister

Cobra Grippers, Polyethylene, Blister

Nylon Triple Grip

The new TripleGrip™ is one of the most technologicaly advanced anchors on the market. Designed with 2 expandable wings that grip tight behind drywall for a maximum holding power. Advanced cam action technology expands inside drywall to give more stability and strength and 2 lateral wings hold the anchor in place, preventing any rotation while the screw is inserted.


The Nylon Triple Grip™ is perfect for address plates, bathroom fixtures, bicycle rack, curtains, electrical panels, exterior signage, hose holder, lighting fixtures, ornamental, fixtures, shelving, towel bars and verticals for use in brick, masonry, plasterboard, lath & plaster and Tiles.

End User:

Home Decorators, Diyers, Handymen, Tradesmen Load Limit: Up to 27kg (13mm plasterboard), 60kg (21mpa Concrete) and 20kg (10mm plasterboard)

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